The Shadow Sanctuary Receives the Liebster Award!

liebster award

I got a much-needed boost this morning when I found out the crew at The Dragon Blog had nominated me for The Liebster Award! In case you didn’t know, the Dragon Blog is a quartet of lovely ladies, each with a different writing specialty. If you have not done so before, I HIGHLY recommend that you check them–and their various works–out!

Thank you all, and I am proud and honored to accept this award, which I do hope will be the first of many.

Before I go on to name my own Liebster Award nominees, I will, in keeping with the rules, answer a few questions and share a bit about myself.

Question #1: Coke or Pepsi?

I really had to answer this question because I find the various answers so amusing. In my experience, whichever a person prefers, he or she finds the other one “too sweet.” I am a Pepsi drinker by nature, because Coke is “too sweet.” That being said, Coke is the ONLY choice when I’m sick, being particularly effective for migraines and nausea. And the end result is I tend to drink more Coke than Pepsi, because I’m not much of a soda drinker unless I’m sick. But I did have a craving for a Pepsi the other day.

Question #2: Favorite Monty Python Sketch?

There are so many, it’s hard to choose! Could it be “The Fish-Slapping Dance?” Or “Whizzo Chocolate?” Possibly “Australian Table Wines?” “Buying a Bed?” Or the “Church Police?”

*Falls into You Tube*

Oh, sorry.

Question #3: There is no Question Three.

I came up with a really brilliant and funny question, but I forgot it. So here’s a random picture of my bulletin board instead.



Question #4: What are you doing today in another universe, if parallel universes actually exist?

Today in a parallel universe, my parallel universe self (who is in much better shape, less flabby, and more shapely than my this-universe self, although equally as brilliant) is rolling around naked on a warm beach in an isolated locati0n with the parallel universe version of my celebrity crush, who is mostly the same as the this-universe version, but a better feminist and devoted to me. And that’s ALL you need to know about that!

Something about me you probably didn’t know:

When I was a dance student in California in the late 80s, I worked as a nude figure model. My ability to hold a pose and my familiarity and comfort with my own body made me extremely popular. Mostly I worked for art classes, both at the local colleges and at Adult Education. (Aside: I really didn’t much like living in California, but at least at the time their public higher education system was AMAZING. I’ve NEVER found its equal.) But also, sometimes private groups or professional artists would hire me. It was kind of like being a rock star. I enjoyed it a WHOLE lot, and I wanted to keep it up when I moved to Colorado. But somehow it never took off for me here. I find it super ironic that a woman of my shape became a sought-after model in body-conscious California, but couldn’t find the same work in supposedly more open-minded Colorado.

A Story:

About ten years ago, I had to have my gallbladder removed. I stayed in the hospital overnight, and they fed me soup for dinner. My husband asked, “What kind of soup it is?” I said, “Cream of Salt.” He laughed so hard he fell out of his chair. I still don’t understand what was funny, but I put the exchange in one of my books (A Maid in Bedlam) in case someone else does.

Anyway. Enough about me. Time for me to nominate my own Liebster Award Winners!

(The Liebster Award is a blog-to-blog award. You can find several sets of rules here. Or you can make up your own.)

Drum Roll, please! The nominees are:

Sonya Craig

Jennie Davenport

J. Miles Wagner

L. Z. Marie

Check out these wonderful peeps, and tell them I sent you!