I didn’t want to make a page for this. I really just wanted to add the menu to the top of my page instead of having it on the side. But I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

Anyway, since I made the page, I feel there needs to be something on it. LOCKED is a semi-autobiographical novella I wrote/started writing some years ago. It deals with my experience of mental health issues and living in various psychiatric hospitals as a teenager. In later portions, it also talks about more recent interactions with mental health professionals.

When I started writing this, I was writing for myself. I wrote it to gain a grasp and a perspective on my illness. I wrote it because a high school classmate published a terrible and bestselling novel about depressed teenaged girls, a novel which I felt extinguished me and my experience (especially in light of the fact that this classmate bullied me relentlessly from about sixth grade on). I wrote it because I was tired of seeing articles in national news magazines marveling over the fact that teenagers experience depression.

Later, I shared portions of what I had written with people who told me it was “important” and should be shared. I planned to self-publish it. But I was scared, and so I never did.

It’s been sitting on my hard drive for something like six years. I’ve let a few more people read it.

A little while ago I started thinking about it. I started thinking that my experience is still relevant. I started thinking that maybe others, maybe teenaged girls in similar circumstances and maybe adults who have lived through some of the same things, might get validation from reading it.

So I’m posting chapters here, on my blog.

That’s all.

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