“Eyes Full of Stars” is the working title of the third “Young Timber MacDuff” novella. It takes place about two and a half years after “Into the Void,” which you can find above this on the “Timber MacDuff” menu. (“Into the Void” comes a year after “How He Left.”)

I started writing these stories in May of 2013 because I wanted to explore Timber’s voice and character in more depth, especially his reasons for running away from home and eventually turning to heroin. I also wanted to explore how he got out of living on the streets and became the adult of the Caitlin Ross novels.

I don’t know how I feel about them. They have an emotional resonance for me, a “truth” going deeper than the words. On the other hand, I often believe they’re flawed: unrealistic and melodramatic. I don’t know which is objectively “true,” or whether the “truth” lies somewhere in between.

I originally intended to publish these stories in a collection, the way I did with the stories of Fits o’ the Season.  I don’t know if this will ever happen, as I haven’t been able to finish this last story. But here are the first bits, if you’re interested.


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